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Fabricated Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Assembly for the Energy Industry

At A & S Fabricating, we have specialized in heavy custom metal fabrications since 1969, providing exceptional quality machining for the largest and most unconventional projects. An engineering firm in the energy sector contracted us to fabricate the horizontal vacuum belt filter assembly shown here. Each component of this assembly was of an enormous size, and when fully completed, weighed nearly 50 tons. To create this assembly, our customer supplied motors, a belt, and rollers, and we supplied and painted the steel frames and some of the components. The steel in the structure was composed of A36 structural steel alloy, in forms that included beams, tubing, angles, pipes, and 3/4” thick plate. To construct these frames, we employed our facility’s full fabricating capabilities, including our saw cutting, shearing, CNC burning, plasma cutting, bending, welding, and assembly services. We provided secondary finishing that included sandblasting and 3-coats of Tnemec spray Endura-Shield paint. Our 110,000 square foot shop can accommodate huge projects such as these, and when completed, the finished assembly measured 123’ in length, 14’6” in width, 8’11” in height, and weighed 97,400 lbs. The pieces were thoroughly tested and inspected for quality, ensuring that our customer’s specifications were strictly followed. Our client appreciated the results, enlisting our services for several additional project partnerships.

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Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Assembly Project Highlights

Project Name

123’-0” Long Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Assembly

Project Scope

We fabricated and painted the steel frames and some of the components. The customer supplied motors, belt, rollers, and other components. We fully assembled and tested operation before shipping to jobsite

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Saw Cutting
CNC Burning/Plasma Cutting


Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 123’-0”
Width: 14’6”
Height: 8’11”
Weight: 97,400 lbs.

Material Used

Various Structural Steel Material, A36

  • Beams, Tubing, Angles, Pipe, ¾” Thick Plate

Material Finish

Sandblasted & Painted Tnemec 3-Coat Spray System Endura-Shield

Color: Blue

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Dimensional Inspections, Visual Inspections

Functionality Testing on Finished Assembly

Industry for Use

Energy – Power Plant


Shipped 1 per Truck; 3 trucks Total

Delivery/Turnaround Time

Per Customer’s Requirement

Delivery Location

Central U.S.A

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, CAD Drawings

AWS D1.1, Paint Mil Requirements